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  1. Steven
    I was wondering if you have ever caught bass off the Donegal coast? I’m just back from my annual August pilgrimage to the Dungloe area and felt that the fishing was particularly poor this year compared to previous years, both coastal and freshwater. I have been having quite a bit of success with sea trout on 70 and 90 Black Minnows this season and they have pretty much replaced the old Hansen Pilgrims and Maria Viva Parade lures that I swore by previously. Only problem is that the bodies are a bit too soft and the paddle tails soon disappear if there are a lot of smaller fish nip at them!

    Enjoy reading your blog.

    Tight Lines!


    1. Hi there.

      Thanks for the comment – sorry for the delay. The Fiiish Minnows are deadly for all sorts of predators but they are fish magnets – they simply nail fish.

      I haven’t encountered Bass around Donegal as yet and I am sure anyone who is catching will keep it a close guarded secret.

      I will drop you an email for a better chat.


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