Off shore bass fishing in Alderney with Dicky Smith!

Bass – Illex Nitro Sprat Shad

For the majority of last week we got hammered by some rather horrid weather – high winds and tons of rain … not exactly what you expect for this time of year and it really put a hold on most of my fishing plans.

Thankfully though the weather front didn’t hang around for too long and soon shifted on and returned to a more ‘normal’ summer style … sun out, blue skies and low winds.

If you have been following my blog you will have seen some footage of me out chasing pollack in the boat at the tail end of July – truth be told the target species was bass but sadly they didn’t really play ball so in the end we switched tact and went for what was there.

It was time for round two and another attempt at finding some more bars of silver .

I heady out with local friend Dicky on Saturday morning … the plan was pretty flexible – we would move around from place to place following the tide and current and working all manner of lures until we found some bass.

Things got off to a good start on the first few drifts Dicky nailed the first silver of the session. After that things slowed up a bit and we mainly bumped into pollack using soft plastics fished near the bottom.

We moved on a little to try some shallow bays and plugs again Dicky picked up another stray bass but noting consistent.

After some discussion we decided to head out and try around some of the larger features, i.e. Gannet rock etc to see what lurked in the currents ripping past the islands – we managed two small bass, a wrasse and again a ton of pollack (which will be in another video later in the blog).

Don’t get me wrong pollack are awesome sport and great fighters but we had our target set on bass and we still weren’t prepared to throw the towel in so we motored back, near to where we started. It looked tasty – the tide was now pushing hard and we knew that it was now or never.

The chances of pollack decreased due to the increase current and the chances for a bass dramatically increased – not it was just time to select a lure and get it into the kill zone.

I opted for the Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 120, 19g in AYU – this is a new lure from Illex which follows the basic principle of an articulated head, weed less hook and shad style body. This design allows for a more fluid movement in the water and a more natural swimming style.

I was fishing on an extremely light set up (for off shore standards) using a 7-25g rod, anything I did catch was giving me a good scrap!

We started to fish the rip and currents which were now rolling and spiraling around sunken rocks and sand banks – textbook bass ground!

It wasn’t long before my Nitro Sprat Shad got the attention of some hungry bass and the action came thick and fast. The fish weren’t massive but in those ripping currents and on the lighter rod it was awesome fun and with the sun glinting down on them there are, in my eyes, few prettier sights in angling than a bass with it’s spikes up!

The window of opportunity was small as we had to bomb our way back in to ensure we made it into the harbor before it dried out but in that short period I managed to nail about 5 bass in quick succession all around a similar size.

It was quite evident that the Nitro Sprat Shad was ticking all the right boxes for the bass that day.

Hope you enjoy the bit of footage I managed to get, despite the annoying water spot near the end . If this weather stays settled I am sure it won’t be long before I am out afloat again and hopefully the bass keep biting!

Tight Lines.

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  1. Nice to see your hammering a few,how are things steve,any new music bought some Carl vey ? You recommended very good,did you try my recommendations

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