Welsh Bass Guide

Welsh Bass Guide:


What can I say, at first I was blissfully unaware at the potential of this stunning bit of coastline until I began talking to Matt!

The potential here for some awesome Bass fishing is HUGE …… couple that with top class accommodation, food and guiding ………. well could you really say no?

Ohh and did I mention foraging? Yes, you got it! Foraging is also available too …. Something I myself would find interesting to learn more about and maybe you would too!

A really decent guy and certainly I can see this being a huge success …. why not check it out?

Lure fishing is perhaps ‘the’ best way to catch these awesome fish …. I know we often hear of the hot spots like Ireland and France etc …. but without doubt we should be broadening our minds and looking to target these fish all over the U.K!

I know Matt has a great ethos, one shared by myself and many other anglers of catch and release and works hard to preserve these wonderful fish!

Atleast check it out and give him a shout!



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