Getting ready for Sea Trout 2012

Now that I have got into my lure fishing, I am gearing up to go and get stuck into some early season sea trout fishing. That is if the weather lets me! Got a few nice marks to try and if in doubt head to the estuary.

Got myself some smaller sub 95mm hard lures. . . I had some success on a 90mm plug last season so hopefully they still are in the mood for them!

Also got myself a new rod to try out, a cheap as chips ron thompson. Allegedly this casts 2-8g but I have had a little play about with it and it throws heavier than that, but still its a cracking bit of kit for the money. I bet it will be a nice scrap from a trout even sub 1 pound!

If these don’t work for trout I am hoping that the Bass may take a fancy for them in April!

Just loaded it up with my Daiwa, can’t afford to buy another reel at the minute but it will do for the minute.

Not long to wait now until the season starts ……. Fingers crossed.

Updates to come!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Sea Trout 2012

  1. Hi man, i fish the estuaries and coast in ireland from a kayak and shore, when in the boat i trawl two of the best lures you can get for seatrout i swear , smith 90mm jib tricky,purple colour is the best but they are all deadly, they swim like a feedshallow, not great for casting but good enough,but different class trawling, had loads of seatrout up to 5lb this year and lost bigger

  2. Cheers lad for the info ….. i do all my sea trout fishing from the shore ….. they aer good sized trout ….. up the west/north the average is considerably smaller though ….

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