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kayak 2

My experience fishing in the salt from kayaks is somewhat limited – I have dabbled a little bit before whilst visiting my friend and professional bass guide in Wales but mid week the opportunity arose to get out and I jumped at it! The plan was set to meet up just as the tide started to drop and fish across a large bay which was peppered with reefs, sand banks, weed beds and all sorts of interesting currents, rips and back eddies – let’s just say it look like predator heaven!

I took with me my short Illex Stalking Special which is only rated 5-21g but has a much stiffer backbone than suggested which is ideal for work weighted shads like the Illex Nitro 120 or 150 or the larger Illex 140 Nitro Bole shad. I was using 20lb mainline and a long 20lb leader and started off in the shallow water using 14g heads on the Nitro Shads casting at the pinnacles and structure and hoping a bass would be lurking – sadly I didn’t see a bar of silver all evening but I did manage a few smaller pollack which was still good sport in the strong currents.


At one point I moved out closer to the main tide rip and began to work larger shads in the rip – this was producing the best results with the larger 140 Bole Shad rigged on the 20g Bole head …. the pollack completely engulfed it!

Between the Nitro and the Bole shad I had maybe 4 or 5 pollack all around a similar size … nothing to shout about but still a successful trip and a great confidence booster nonetheless.

kayak 1

You have to excuse the lack of inspiring photos as I was more focused on the currents and occasional swell that was rolling in than actually getting decent snaps of my fish so apologies! Next time it will be different. I have to say a great thanks to Matt and his old man Dicky for lending me the kayak and the rest of the gear – it was a cracking evening to be out as the wind completely dropped out and the sun was still warm in the sky – catching didn’t really matter. The banter out on the water was good and we had some interesting adventures on the way back in trying to negotiate the rapids, rips and reefs.


Other than the session on the kayak I have been out hunting down some bass with mixed success …. daytime fishing has been slow because of the bright skies but switching to night has started to produce some fish which I will write up later (above is only a baby but some better fish landed and photographed) and the day is still producing small bars of silver ….

tiny bassStill get the feeling that things haven’t quite clicked – the bait fish aren’t really present in any great numbers but all it takes is a day or two for the switch to flick and it could all kick off …. for now though all I can do is keep at it and be patient!

I will leave you with a short video which I shot one evening on the rocks when out chasing bass … nothing was really happening so I switched tactics and focused on nailing a few wrasse for some rod bending action – Enjoy!


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