Piking in March …………

After a few sessions in February we decided to gear up and set off again in search of some pike.

We decided on a new spot which we had read about but not yet tried ….. it was a large large so the chances of tracking down the fish at this time of year was slim but sure you need to be in it to win it – as they say!

It was cold, as only march can be here in Ireland at times ….. we arrived set up and the place was stunning ….. parts reminded me of American style Large Mouth Bass fishing, in among stumps and fallen trees etc (you will see what I mean by the pictures)

Fished mostly with Lime/Green senkos ……. with a little secret modification – more to come on that on later date!

We had no takes at all!! Lovely spot though. We packed up and then moved back to out tried and tested little splash of pike paradise. . . . We had plenty of interest, but the fish were very timid ……unusual for pike i know! We landed one little jack and had a ¬†few other decent rises but that was all …..

A good trip nonetheless ……

On the way back to the car we spotted this little devil scurrying around in the leaves at the edge of the road ….. Just put the rod down to give you a sense of scale ………..TINY!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Piking in March …………

  1. Great fishing report and great photos. Love the little rodent pic too! That definitely looks like largemouth bass fishing territory if it was in the States!

    Out of curiosity, how stringent are the fishing licensing requirements in Ireland? Is it very expensive to obtain the necessary permits, and are you restricted by a set number of fishing trips, or similar system?

  2. You are not limited by the amount of times you can go fishing. I know that in Northern Ireland a permit is required for course and game fishing. However on the South of Ireland does not require a permit for pike etc …. some lakes are under control of clubs etc …. but overall – no they are not expensive. It was a very quiet session in terms of ‘landing’ fish, had a better session after christmas, if you haven’t seen pictures. Look back to December. Got some up to 9lb weight – not monsters but still decent fish. I plan to use more soft plastic baits this year for them and top water lures also. Thanks for following the blog. appreciate it. Always good to get a different audience etc. I would to try large mouth bass fishing! Looks Awesome.

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