Schoolie On Shads

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStill no massive fish showing up here but plenty of small ones around for a little rod bending action – granted these smaller fish are never going to pull back hard unless you really scale down the gear but they still have some bad ass attitudes when it comes to nailing the lures!

I headed out for a few casts yesterday early afternoon – I picked out a strong tide rip between a few rocky outcrops and an island which looked to me like the perfect spot to present a few shads in the current. I started off using 14g heads on my Nitros and picked up a few fish but the lure was running far to high in the water column. I stepped it up a bit to 21g heads working on the principle that if I could get my lure slower and closer to the bottom I would increase my chances of a larger fish … Sadly not!

chartreuse nitro  2Whether the big fish simply weren’t there or the little ones were too fast but I couldn’t get over the 3lb mark throughout the session. Either way it was awesome to be nailing fish in bright sunshine and watching their silver flanks flash and glint as they came up to the surface, thrashing around. I love colour of bass caught over sand – that almost ghost like appearance.

Most of the fish nailed the Sunrise Shad colour of Nitro 120 shad and after a while I switched over to Blue Herring to offer an alternative.

You can see by the picture just how greedy these little fellas are when they are on the feed.

The fish had all stacked up in the one spot just at a certain point offset from the main current flow over a patch of broken stones and weed – it was only a matter of working out the line to run the lures and it all clicked into place.

Hoping for some bassing this week but it may have to be in darkness to seek out a few better fish.




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