Mad about Maria

This is the lure I have got so wound up about …. the Maria Angel Kiss 115mm.
I hunted in the U.K for these but could not get them smaller than 140mm and in the colour I wanted. After some hunting on the internet I finally tracked down what I was wanted and after about a week of checking the post everyday it arrived:

I just think the colour looks lethal! A very shallow running plug with nice action in that sandeel colour has to kill for Bass! How could it not? And at 115mm it isn’t too big for a decent trout to get its chompers around. I have taken sea trout on90/100mm lures in the past – fingers crossed.

Either way – i just love how cheap these our compared to some other brands….. i know the finish is maybe not as shiny but hey – i’m impressed and I haven’t even got it in the water yet!

Might get a cast or two with it this weekend coming but more than likely its first test will be South East Ireland in April …….

4 thoughts on “Mad about Maria

  1. Used my 115mm glass Angel Kiss today from the boat over my local reef, Hit 5 Bass and lost 2 at the netting stage…. “What a great lure”… This is one lure I hope not to lose too soon, as I know this particular size of Angel Kiss are hard to come by… Bought mine at Veals last year…. Mark G (Bognor Regis)

    1. I fish mainly from my small boat covering the inshore reefs off of Bognor Regis in West Sussex…. Check out my web-site @ we Bass lure fishing mad…. Mark

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