Wild Donegal Brownies

After two days on a horrific swell in the sea I decided to cut my losses and grab the fly rod and head for a local lake. Although it is early in the season, there was a decent breeze blowing which would at least be vaguely conducive for trout.

I spent around an hour in front of my house with the rod and practiced my casting then set off for the lake with my dad.

Got out the rod which was a Nielson 7/8 Weight with a Cortland Weight Forward Line and a Loop Reel.

After negotiating some rather mucky swamp ground i was eventually set up and in the water. Sun was out, ripple on the water – all in all it looked quite stunning, but where there any trout about?

It wasn’t long before the first one obliged and took the Bibio at the edge of the drop off.

I gradually worked my way along the bank and with some good advice from my dad continued to work the drop off …… then the line tightened and i was into another perfectly marked wild brown trout.

This time it took a Sweeney Todd on a slow strip retrieve. 
As i approached a large rock which marked the end of the section i hooked into another little 5oz trout. Again on a Sweeney Todd.
Although these trout are not huge – the average in the lakes of Donegal are not big. The biggest of the three weighed around 6oz, this may be small but what pleased me so much was the wild aspect to this. You can not beat getting out in the water and fluff chucking for these little beauties. When i was younger I never paid much attention to fly fishing etc. but I have to admit I think I may be hooked.
They put up a lovely scrap on the rod and I have to say when the sea conditions do not oblige and the scenery is as beautiful as this, can you really complain? I think not.

Stay tuned for more fluff chucking in the future…………

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