An afternoon at Rainbows

This was my second time out with a fly rod, but I new I had to get out and practice. I admit this was a million miles away from the wild lakes of Donegal, but it was close by and filled the gap that I had this afternoon.

We arrived, paid the minimal fee and bought 2 little Buzzer Pupas – to be honest i looked at them and thought ‘no way will the trout see these’, but I put my faith in my dad and off we set.

Needless to say my casting was woeful!

It took me about an hour to get it tidied up enough to reach the fish. Then I next had to master setting the hook. After about four failed attempts and several tangles I eventually tightened into a nice little rainbow!

The average fish size was quite small by stocked standards but they were very healthy a lively. It wouldn’t have mattered what size the fish was, to me I was over the moon at putting all I had learnt in to practice and getting a result. 
We fished on and landed a few other nice little trout.
After I had finished I chucked the rod over to my dad and he had a quick cast or two before we ended for the day. 
The lake was calm and we could see a large bow wave soaring across towards us. A neat little cast just in front of the fish and several delicate retrieves later my dad banged into a bigger trout.
It hung out in the lake and gave some serious head shakes. But we landed it.
But a lovely fish to end the day on. Really appreciate the patience and instruction from my dad. without his instruction I would still be either stuck in the reeds or throwing lines which were spooking fish.
Hope that as I get better and progress I can start exploring the vast world, that is fly fishing. I am already seeing massive potential for some of my saltwater marks for pollack etc and I can not wait to hone my skills and get out after pike later into spring and summer. 
Stay tuned!

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