Smashed this fish in ripping current

Bank Holiday Wrassing


I opened the tide book, checked the weather and a little voice in my head was just screaming to get out and go wrasse fishing … needless to say I didn’t take much encouragement!!

My parents are currently over visiting me from Northern Ireland, so I got my father and I geared up and headed out for a few hours on the drop tide over one of my favorite reefs.

It was absolutely stunning – crystal clear water, bright blues skies and a slight breeze which just took the edge of the heat .. all we needed was a few fish to cap it all off … and that didn’t take long either.


I was fishing with the Illex 4.8 I shad Tail fished on a weedless jig head – pretty simple stuff. Basically a steady and slow sink and draw, keeping contact and waiting on edge for the rod to slam over and the wrasse to kick into gear. I love this style of fishing when you are in complete contact and if nothing else the anticipation of a smash and grab just keeps you on edge and really tunes you in to every little bump, knock ¬†or tap. Is it a rock or am I about to connect with one of Britain’s hardest fighting fish?!

The mark probably screams bass more than wrasse but ideally I need to wait for some bigger tides before that action kicks off but for now with the rods doubled over we weren’t complaining.


We finished up with about 8 wrasse between us …. not a bumper haul but some serious sport on light out fits and in this weather it was pretty hard to beat.

I am working on getting some proper video footage and a bit more in depth descriptions of how I fish this unique mark but that will all probably end up in some articles in due course but stay tuned and I will try and get some other forms of media like short video clips up to give you a teaser of what I have been up to over here in Alderney!

Tight Lines.


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