Pike: Spawning Aggression

Since the beginning of March I have noticed that whilst out Pike fishing I have had very little success. . . . And before anyone has a crack at my fishing skills – I have a theory.

Now, I’m sure this has been said a million times before but I thought I would stick it up here anyway.

We have fished some of the same ground that we were catching pike over earlier on in the yearm however recently this has changed.

Using similar lures and plastics we have found a lot of pike have been swirling at the lures but not actually hitting them.

For example, yesterday we went out and fished a whole day . . . . we had over a dozen fish swirl at the lures and some pretty large ones but only one actual hook up – which you will agree is rare for pike.

Unless they are not feeding. Here is my point I guess.

I think since it is in the middle of spawning these fish are merely attacking the lures due to them invading their territory and not in an attempt to feed? I would love to hear other peoples thoughts.

I had the same fish swirl at various lures 5 times and not once did it take the lure . . .

My theory is anyway that they have switched off the feed and are now just becomming territorial until their spawning has been successful.

I didn’t google this theory, I simply thought about it on my journey home yesterday. So I am sure it has been done before, I am not trying to claim this in any way – just thought it was interesting, or worthy of note.

Anyway …. Lets hope they wise up soon and start hitting the lures again.

Love to hear your thoughts and opinions ….

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