Cracking April Surf Fishing …. or Not!

Conditions were pretty much blown out for everything other than a crack at the local beach for some surf fishing. . . . . The hope was to see if there were any bass around, however this was a slim prospect as I have yet to hear of a bass around my bit of the coastline – however the conditions looked worthy of at least wetting a line . . .

Rising tide, corresponding with dusk ….. sandeels and lugworm – it all looked promising.

I have to say, it was breathtaking if nothing else. We fished for around 3 hours I guess and then called it a night. The surf was roaring and it certainly stirred the soul! You have to love standing in surf with the rod in hand waiting for the bite, but it was not to be.

An experience thought, that I was glad to have had. . . .

I just wish we had bass around that part of the coast, I mean in terms of fishy looking coast it rocks! We just don’t seem to get them, which is a shame, but it doesn’t stop me trying…

Maybe next time eh?

2 thoughts on “Cracking April Surf Fishing …. or Not!

  1. Sorry to here the bass never showed. Its a wonder the bass don’t frequent those parts. Whats the rock fishing for pollock and wrasse like up there.
    Hopefully down here in Kerry the lure fishing will kick right of soon.

  2. The pollack and wrasse is great up there …… trying to get conditions to get out and try HRF for wrasse. Some spots are also good for pollack on the fly – which looks mental. The lack of Bass is something which makes me wonder …. but i shall keep on trying! Hope things kick off for you soon in Kerry, lovely part of the world. Been down once to waterville (check my first post i think)

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