Progress with my fly fishing

Last weekend we decided to hit a local catch and release trout fishery.

Weather wasn’t too bad but it was a little chilly …. not a great day for a fly hatch but it was either go or sit in the house.

I have to say it was a huge change from the previous weeks fishing in Wexford for Bass!!!!

I was once again trying to practice my fly casting and presentation etc ….. then Bang! My dad has a good fish on, it ran him up and down the bank, reel screaming, the usual from a decent fish.

As usual i spent the rest of the day with no luck at all but that was to change ……

I stopped to compose myself, cast out and thump, i had a nice little rainbow on … relief!

I fished on and then stopped to change my fly, as i turned around i realized the sunset ….. wow!

I changed to buzzers and fished on into dusk producing a little brown trout and then my best rainbow trout to date.

A slow day but every time I go out I learn something new and i progress a little more.

Onwards and upwards!

Tight Lines,


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