St. Patrick’s Day Pike

Personal Best Pike

Not only was it a public holiday for us but it was also my girlfriend’s birthday so we headed out for a spot of spring pike fishing ….. we weighed up a few options on the Monday night before deciding to go a float again in the inflatable kayak to give us a bit more flexibility.

The weather was lovely …. warm, calm and hardly a breath of air – not great fishing weather but nice to see the first proper signs on spring. The bait was being smashed on the surface and we saw pike cruising around.

I was fishing the Illex Dexter 150 Shad using 3/0 VMC jig heads and 6cm long, size 4 stinger rigged on the back. Pretty simple just casting back towards the reeds and structure and steady retrieving over the drop off. I made my first cast and began to wind the lure back, the rod tip dipped and I struck – Fish On!

I wasn’t sure at first the size but it had a little weight to it …. it rose to the surface a little quicker than expected so I assumed it was around the 7 / 8 lb mark …. Wrong!

As soon as it broke the top layer it began to thrash and head shake as it took several deep dives – it was a double for sure!


After some intense head shaking and nail biting lunges we finally secured the fish in the net! Not a monster by some peoples standards but it was my personal best lure caught pike …. and it was a chunky monkey!

A quick snap and we set her off to fight another day …. what a fish!

Enjoy the video!


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