First session at Sea Trout

First Sea Trout of 2012

Weather was still cold, it hasn’t really seemed to warm up at all yet with the temps hanging around that very dodgy 9/10 degrees ….. I just don’t think the fish are active enough yet. Anyway it was a nice enough day and we set out down the estuary to hit the last two hours of the drop and the first two of the flood.
I had a few lures I was looking to test out for the first time ……
First off was the Megabass Metal X Bubble – despite it only being 8g it flies out, and I really mean flies. It casts like a bullet. I was not sure really how to work this lure at first but soon I got into the mode of retrieve and twitch and at times just a steady retrieve and then, thump, thump, thump …. that unmistakable sea trout take …. I had my first Sea Trout of 2012 about 3/4 of a pound.

I hit this fish as the tide was dropping back ….. I then changed over and tried a few other lures with no luck, but I think it was a timing issue.

The tide turned and about an hour up the tide I started to hit fish on a lure I have had for years ….. a little blue and silver Herring. No idea what it weighs, I am guessing around the 8g mark also. It is just a little metal bar. I added an extra split ring to the tail of it and a new hook.

I was getting nailed every cast …… I had four fish on and each one spat the hook…. as only sea trout can – i have no idea but their ability to un-hook themselves amazes me every time. I lost a good fish of around 1 and 1/2lb

My dad came down to where I was and he landed a nice trout of the 1 and 1/2 lb mark …. a similar size to the one I had just lost.

It was an intense bit of action with hook-ups, takes and runs and some bad words as the trout kept tormenting us!

Almost all the trout that day were taken on either my Herring lure or an Abu Krill (good old classic)

We returned a day later to find the estuary a little murky and a lot colder ….. We only picked up one fish on a little bent metal bar, long in profile and almost ‘S’ shaped ….. very fine, couldn’t be more than 3mm thick – homemade special!

The last day was a mixed one. Lovely weather but poor fishing ….. We had been chased in alot by fish but not many hook ups or even nibbles. I was messing about with my new IMA Sasuke 90mm at the edge and a little trout just cruised in, circled it… I twitched the lure and it turned and came at it again but it was very shallow and the trout just swam away. It was only a tiddler but interesting to see how they react to lures etc….

The IMA Sasuke will definitely be in my Sea Trout box this year…..

A change of tactics and a little bit more time certainly paid off!!!!!

What a way to end the session … a nice little, perfect trout …. gave a very good account of itself also. Intermediate line and caught on a silver/blue/white fly – have no clue what it is called …. it was a hybrid out of my Dad’s fly box ……

These few days really got me hooked on Sea Trout, they are fantastic fighters and as I have learnt, not as easy as you might think to get onto dry land.

All the fish we caught went back into the water!

Stay tuned …….

Tight Lines,


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