Red Tide Strikes Again

So I had packed my bags and set off for some serious sea fishing planned in Donegal …… which ended up a complete failure.

Except for one moment. My dad set off to fish the river and returned with this fine beauty of a Salmon. Around 11lb weight …. stunner.

Lovely to see fish like this about.

The first day I took a stroll down the estuary to find a scum had formed across the beach, all worm casts had been destroyed and several dead crabs rotting on the shore. This wasn’t looking good. I knew in the back of my head what the signs pointed to but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

Several years ago the same signs appeared and the cause was an algal bloom known as the ‘red tide’ had swept in from the Atlantic causing massive inshore damage to small marine life.

It was back!

I was gutted but I decided to go ahead and fish to see what was about. . .

Day 1 – Estuary produced one small Sea Trout on a metal bar which I had turned back to front to add a better action.

Day 2 – Estuary produced one more small Sea Trout to fly.

The one thing I had noticed was the algal bloom and scum had provided fantastic feeding grounds for Mullet. The marks covered the beach.

Day 3 – Estuary with fly rod for Mullet. A few showed up but the North winds cooled the water and the fish dropped out to the main channel.

Day 4 – Set off to some good rock marks I know hold decent Pollack and Wrasse. The water looked alive with swell and current, in fact I would say perfect! Not a bite. The bloom has reportedly killed a lot of bait fish and perhaps the Pollack have dropped out to sea to find new feeding? Maybe I am using this as an excuse but it seemed to me and others I have talked to that it has really upset the marine balance in the area.

Day 5 – Blank!!!

Day 6 – Decided to head inland to try for Pike and Perch. Pike kept their heads down all day. No bites. A few small Perch saved the day. Lovely little fish.

Caught on what seems to be my most successful freshwater predator lure …..

To summarize my trip …… It was hard work and very depressing to see so much of the wildlife and sea life wiped out. I just hope it bounces back. The North winds made lake fishing tricky but that is fishing. You have to deal with the rough and the smooth.

Getting packed up now for the Irish Bass Festival. Can not wait to get out with some new and old friends and try out my new toy, the Graphite Leader Argento RV

Updates to follow.

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