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Highlights of 2014

I know this may seem a bit of a cop out as most people write a blog around this time talking about their best bits of kit or most memorable catches etc but I feel it has to be done!

Overview of species

The season over all was full of highs and lows ….. When I look back at the amount of unproductive bass sessions we had it nearly brings me to tears. The hours we spent in horrid conditions, thrashing the water for maybe only one or two fish. On the flip side we had the best 3 day bass trip we have experienced and also witnessed the biggest bass I have seen being landed by my father!


I love though how as time goes on I continue to catch more and more bass on soft plastics ….. the confidence I have in these now surpasses hard plastics by a country mile. A few of the killers this season: Fiiish Black Minnow 120, Fiiish Cray Sand Eel, Illex Nitro Lighting Finesse and the Illex I Shad Tail.


I didn’t do anywhere near the amount of sea trout fishing as I would normally …. due to weather and work commitments things just didn’t work out – however, it was apparent that the numbers had dropped in the early part of the season …. time will tell if they are dwindling or simply just a blip.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABy far the most fun I had this season was chasing wrasse along the north west coast of Ireland. It was taken a season or two for me to properly work out my marks and really figure out how, when and where to target these pigs. It is starting to pay off – this season has produced by biggest wrasse and also the greatest number with some sessions tallying over 40.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI won’t go out now for wrasse without a selection of these: Illex Ammonite Shad, Moliz Sligozzo, Z Man Finesse Shad Z and of course the trusty Lunker City Sluggo. The Jika rig still seems to produce more fish for me but perhaps that is just personal preference.

Still the childish fun of pollack fishing is hard to beat – on the whole the season was pretty poor for number. Often we would expect to pick up a lot of smaller fish throughout the summer months but for some reason nothing really happened on that front. What I will say is what we didn’t catch in numbers we made up for in size. Despite only getting a handful we had some lovely fish between 5 – 6lb during early and late season.

CSE Pollack 3

Much to my shock I hooked and landed a thick lipped mullet early on before the summer – this was perhaps the coolest fish I landed all season …. the sheer power as it screamed off in the shallows – it was like watching a bonefish! It was landed on a 3 – 12g, 7ft rod and 12lb braid.

Mullet 2

Freshwater fishing for me always takes a back foot when there is any reasonable chance of getting fishing in the sea but on a few occasions we hit it right and ended up with some nice pike and perch …. admittedly they where caught by my girlfriend!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABest pieces of kit for 2014

I had a rod built by Richard Cake and Dorset Fishing Rods – it was a 9 ft 6, 7-28g and it is truly awesome! I got it built specially for estuary fishing soft plastics and boy did it do the business! A true piece of class …. It had a baptism of fire over the three days with numerous fish to over 6 lb being landed on it – it was exactly what I was after …. powerful yet sensitive to bump plastics down current.

P9160808I have been using a 3000 Daiwa Certate for the majority of my lure fishing this year and so far so good …. it is buttery smooth, looks stunning and I haven’t a bad thing to say about it. Recently I also got my paws on the new Ballistic Mag Sealed version – despite only having it a month I have fallen in love with it – simple, robust and looks the part.

daiwaTwo favourite soft plastics for bass this season have been the Fiiish Black Minnow and the Illex Nitro Lightning …. both very distinctive styles and profiles but they really hammered the fish.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have had some great memories and met some awesome people on my fishing travels …. you all know who you are. Just want to have a quick shout out to Matt Powell for putting me up as always in June for some fishing …. great times and a great laugh. Can’t wait to head back next year.

I think that is most things covered …… I could go on about lures and kit but there will be so much new stuff in the New Year that is seems a little pointless to be honest.

I already have some major, exciting plans for 2015 which will take me to places I had never planned to be but it will be a good one. I will be sure to keep the blog updated and once again thanks to everyone who reads, shares and enjoys the blog.

Thanks again.

Steven N




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  1. Nice mullet Steven! Just a pity they aren’t more predatory as they’re awesome fighters on light tackle. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog entries over the past few months. All the best for 2015. Danny

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