Just one of those days!

Fish Arrow Flash J Shad, “

There is no other word for the weather yesterday – BALTIC!

It averaged a mere 2 degrees all day with a max of 4 when the sun broke out. No matter where we went we seemed to be fishing into the wind, snow and sleet. It was, to say the least pretty grim.

A few bumps and failed hook ups was about the height of our activity – one little jack pike saved us from a blank. Putting the weather to one side we hadn’t expected it to be that dire – usually putting in the hours scratches out the odd fish.

My girlfriend hooked and lost a nice perch and had a follow by another nice fish but things just wouldn’t go our way.

I dropped a nice pike in the middle of a snow storm …… it is a horrible feeling when you know that fish would have changed the day but sadly you just have to pick yourself up and carry on. Needless to say it didn’t get any better …… But that is fishing for you sometimes it pushes you over and kicks you when you are down.

Time to reflect and gear up for the next assault!




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