Bass-Go-Deeper Plug Belt Review


Customer Service

It was a pleasure dealing with Nick at Bass-Go-Deeper – their responses to my queries were speedy and well detailed. We had a chat about the variety of options available and any extra features I would like etc. Everything was tailored to suit me, which is a great touch. All too often, fishing equipment is standardized  but this was different. I specified my belt size, tube sizes and the addition of loops for adding other tools (e.g. pliers etc).

Nick took the time to talk me through the various tube sizes and options and after our discussion I decided upon two smaller tubes for soft plastics and four larger ones for hard lures. This would allow me the versatility when moving between marks.

The speed in which this was made and delivered was staggering. After we agreed on the spec, it was evidently made and  posted directly and arrived the next day.

The competitive price is also very attractive for such a bespoke product.

Build quality

Initial impressions were sound. The heavy duty nylon belt is robust and the stitching is neat and tidy. The tubes and end caps all fit together nicely with no gaps. The elastic cord is a nice touch to ensure you do not loose the lid when removing lures.

After having it out and a few hooks flying about, the belt held up well to the wear and tear of rock hoping. I have stuck a few hooks into the belt by accident and it hasn’t frayed or ripped apart which amazed me.

Durability is an important factor for me – when you are out Bass fishing and constantly on the move it is imperative that my gear can stick the pace. This belt certainly lives up to my expectations.

The lures sit in the tubes neatly and there are no snags or edges for the hooks to catch on which makes removal from the tubes nice and simple. I have used other belt style lure storage devices before and I often find that the hooks catch when taking them from the tubes – this does not happen with the Bass-Go-Deeper Plug Belt.

The buckle is solid and snaps open and closed with a positive click, the belt itself can be adjusted also.

The added logo on the back of the belt is another nice touch.

User friendly

All the tubes sit at a natural height so operating the belt is not laboured or clumsy. It does not feel as cumbersome as some of the lure vests on the market. However, although I am a die hard supporter of the IMA RBB Vest,  this plug belt comes into its own when you are looking to get out for a quick session, stay on the move and have a small selection of lures out with you at once. 
I tried it out on two types of ‘marks’, firstly down an estuary and then over the rocks and I didn’t even notice I had it on. The tubes sit far enough back so they do not catch on the rod-butt however they are within easy reach.

It is also very easy to rinse and wash your lures when you return – simply fill up the tubes with fresh water – give them a shake and open the lid and pour out excess. This saves removing the lures from the belt every time you return from a trip.

Other functions

Bass-Go-Deeper are not restricted to making these belts for personal use only, they also make set ups for Kayaks and Boats …. I can see a huge advantage in having a lure compartment when I am out in the inflatable and their other models look perfect for this job. I have been talking to some Kayak anglers who are either already using or going to buy the tubes for their Kayaks.

It makes perfect sense to keep the lures neat and tangle free especially when you are in a boat.



If you are looking for a simple, easy to use and extremely durable way of storing your lures when out over the rocks then this is a worthy consideration. The made to order aspect really appeals to me and it shows in the final product. Care and attention is taken to ensure you receive the belt to your own specification.

This is one accessory which will be packed from now on when I go Bass fishing and for that matter any other sort of lure fishing – I am already imagining taking this out Pike fishing when it is preferable to be on the move around lakes etc without the need to carry around a large bag of lures.

I can not say it will replace my IMA RBB Vest but it will used when I only need a handful of lures at once or I am only going out for a short session.

I will be contacting them in the future to fit out my 8ft inflatable and inflatable canoe with lure tubes.

Thanks again to Nick for sorting me out and I hope to see the brand develop and expand in the future.

Please visit – for more details on their products.

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