Sinking pencil baits – your thoughts?


We headed off yesterday with a plan to target a few perch and pike however, the copious amounts of rain from the night before put the river in a huge flood and really messed up the plans!

When I was out I decided to have a play about with a few lures as the fishing was slow.


I have been playing about with the Illex Water Monitor 95 in Bone colour. The teaser trailer is not stock – I tied that up to add a little extra flash.

Spec – 95 mm, 20g and sinking. 

I am not very well versed in using sinking style lures but I can see huge potential for this style of lure in both fresh and salt water. As far as I can see it can be worked in four distinct ways:

1 – Slow steady retrieve which produces a very seductive slalom.

2 – Cranked in like a jerk bait with pauses and stops.

3 – A few fast winds then let it fall in the water – it flutters as it drops.

4 – Walk the dog style … if fished fast enough you can make it work like a surface lure which sits just under the surface film.


I think it could be a killer lure to work in rougher conditions on the open coast for bass when you need to cut through the top fizz. I will pop up an update when I get a chance to cast it in the salt.

I would love to hear your thoughts, experience and opinions.



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