Bass on soft plastics – A look back at 2012

Just a quick reflection on a few soft plastics lures which worked for me last season. I admit I did not fish with them as much as I should have – instead I cracked on with the hard lures despite (at times) rather unsuitable hard lure conditions. This season will commence with a different attitude – a few orders have been placed and I am already stocking up on some softies …. roll on April!

The WaveWorm Bamboo Stick

This fish (above) was my first weedless/weightless caught Bass – a far out blinding technique and one which isn’t as complicated or mysterious as it is made out to be. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities and increases the ground you can fish effectively.
This fish was a plump 7.3lb taken on the last day of a trip in early September – Until October it was my personal best Bass. Again, a Bamboo stick bounced along the bottom produced a lot of fish in the estuaries. 

The Black Minnow 120

This lure has hit the scene with mixed emotions – some love it, swear by it and others believe it is somewhat over rated. I fished with it for the first time at the end of September and I have to say it has a fantastic action. Once again bumping soft plastics down estuaries is a lethal technique and the Black Minnow produced this fish over 5 lb in tricky conditions. 

IMA Melty Nymph

I couldn’t talk about soft plastics without mentioning this little lure – The IMA Melty Nymph although very soft and easily torn apart is a great lure. Yes, it is a little pricey but I didn’t care when it caught be my P.B Bass of 2012 (above) weighing just over 8 lb. Fished hard on the bottom over a reef at night – perfect!

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