A short and rather wet wrasse session.

A quick hit and run raid was planned for Saturday afternoon – we had a few other errands to do but there is always enough time to get a spot of fishing in … isn’t there?

We headed off to a fairly popular mark with the bait anglers but it always chucks up a bit of sport on lures.

We stuck on 90 mm Fiiish Black Minnows to see if there was anything in the taking mood and on the first drop we nailed a wrasse.


We switched over onto dedicated wrasse plastics such as the Illex Ammonite Shad and Keitech Hog Impact – using both pegged Texas and Jika presentations.


First time I have seen on of these in real life …. a pipefish I think? Just got washed up on the little pier by a wave. A quick snap and I put it back in.

PA041037This was the largest fish of the session – no monster bud all cool sport. We ended up with about 15 fish, mainly wrasse and a few small pollack.

We got stuck out in some of the worst rain I have experienced ….. Soaked straight through but it was worth it!

Not bad for a quick chuck.


7 thoughts on “A short and rather wet wrasse session.

  1. Nice pic Steven; think it might be a Sea Stickleback also known as a 15-spine Stickleback. I had one of these in a marine aquarium I had as a kid.

      1. I’m pretty sure it’s a 15-Spined Stickleback. The giveaway for me is the ‘under-shot’ jaw. Pipefish, like their Sea Horse relatives have both upper and lower jaws aligned. Plenty of pics on the web. I have fond memories of finding one and feeding it sand hoppers (voracious appetite)

  2. Philip, I looked about for similar images and I hate to admit it, but you’re absolutely correct!



  3. Ha ha! Thanks Danny; I hate sounding like a smartarse so apologies and thanks to Steven for posting it; it brought back memories for me :)

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