Is change coming?

I think I can speak for us all when I say I am fed up with the weather. So far the wind has been in the east for several weeks and it has really put a stop to my fishing. 
Yes, we have managed a few early season sea trout but nowhere near the levels anticipated. 
On the plus side it has given me a chance to get my gear into order and sort out a few odds and ends before the season kicks off. (I hope!)
There has been the odd glimmer of hope weather wise but with no prolonged heat the water temperatures still hang desperately low. 
On the plus side we have managed to hook up with our first bass of the season but sadly it spat the hook. It has give us a good chance though to test out the action of a few lures and a few new soft plastic ideas – all we need now are the fish …… there is only so much online browsing I can do before I go mad. 
Fingers crossed eh?! 

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