Nothing better than discovering new ground and smashing fish!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have been exploring a new mark which we have been threatening to for years …. It lies under a set of rather large cliffs and getting the right conditions to fish it is tricky but boy did it produce results!

It is a series of flat rock which is pepper with gullies and encrusted in mussels!

The first session we were able to watch the wrasse mill about underneath our feet – it was bright and crystal clear …… Far from ideal but we managed a few decent enough fish.


We have returned to the mark twice since and started to explore other gullies and likely looking outcrops of rock and every time we go back we nail more and more fish.

One gully seems to fish better when we use static lures and yet the gully not 10ft away responds better to OTD! It is just mind scrambling how each gully seems to produce fish to different styles.

Ammonite 1

It is a challenge but I love it – it means I can get stuck into the technical bits and start experimenting with a few new ideas etc.

Close up

I am gearing up as we speak to hit it next weekend for a longer period.

Got a line up of kit ready to rock:

  • Illex S 210 M
  • Illex S 195 ML
  • Daiwa Theory 2500
  • Daiwa TDX 3012
  • Sunline Super Braid
  • YGK X 3
  • ZMAN Finnese ShadZ, Punch Crawz, Fattyz
  • Illex Ammonite Shads
  • 3 inch Senkos
  • IMA Trilobites

Will keep you all posted!


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