Apia Seiryu Mini

If you have been following my blog you will know that I am a huge fan of small, high tech mini jigs when chasing Sea Trout. I recently got the Apia Seiryu Mini 6g in Kibinago Bait – looks stunning. 

I took it out at the weekend for a try and it didn’t disappoint!

First of all I swapped out the treble for a Decoy single hook, allowing for a cleaner release.

Jigging and OTD

This technique is similar to vertical jigging from a boat except we are using it from the shore. Casting up current, letting the lure sink to bottom. Once it hits bottom start a rapid retrieve, jerking the rod upwards creating an erratic action. Allow the lure to fall or drop in the water and repeat. This really wakes up the Sea Trout and will sort out the ones who want to feed and those who simply are just messing around. 

All my hits and hooks up come as the lure is falling back down through the water column. 

We hit a number of fish using this technique. 

The assist hook enables you to detect head bites as well.

Even when the Sea Trout were stuffed full of food they still couldn’t resist the Apia jig!

This trout was packed full of food, a great sign to see such rich feeding in our waters.

A nice dinner for a hungry Sea Trout plus a bonus for us to analyze what the fish are feeding on. 

Not great conditions but we fished a short session and hit a few more well stuffed Trout. 

A quick grip and grin before being released.

Set off to fight another day.

The perfect tool for stalking Sea Trout? It sure is doing the job at the minute!

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