First proper salt water session of 2014 – Shame it got away!

March is always very hit or miss for sea fishing …. spring is on the way but the water is still cold and after the fierce winter we have had the big Atlantic swells are still rolling in.

We arrived in Co. Donegal on the Saturday afternoon and were faced with 50 mph southerly winds – not exactly ideal!

We decided to wait for a break in the weather on Sunday before venturing out the see what state the coast was in.

Needless to say it was ferocious! Huge swells rolled in smashing over anything that got in their way and this meant all my usual marks.

We had already committed to our chosen mark and decided to fish on regardless – seeking some more sheltered back bays.

In the summer these areas produce fish as they migrate through with the tide and fleeing bait fish but needless to say they were baron at this time of year.

If you are a bass angler you will be in awe at the marks I fish ….. plenty of life in the water, nearly always perfect clarity but sadly we have no bass along that stretch of coastline – a real shame!

I managed to connect with one Pollack but failed to get a proper hook hold.

Maybe next time!

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