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I was watching part of the White brothers presentation that was made at the BASS AGM and they made a very valid point which I wanted to highlight.

Lure fishing in the U.K. is growing rapidly – that is a given but what worries me is the lack of younger people coming up through the ranks.

I look at some organisations, forums etc and the percentage of anglers under 25 is shockingly low. There are ones out there sacrificing their free time to introduce kids to the sport especially with LRF (which is highly commendable) but I still feel that there isn’t enough young blood coming up the ranks.

As the White brothers said, all this knowledge and expertise that has taken people years to obtain is simply wasted if it is not passed on. Not through a lack of wanting but more so there is no one to pass the reigns to.

To digress slightly, nothing infuriates me more than seeing more experienced anglers refusing to share some knowledge with younger, enthusiastic learners. No one is asking for it all on a plate ….. but everyone had to start somewhere and everyone had some sort of mentor or idle who they looked to for help.

To see people deliberately refusing to pass on some encouragement or info is just pathetic.

The people who we call icons or characters of our fishing world today all rose up through the ranks from somewhere …… I am sure they came across their fare share of critics and generally obstructive people but what will the future look like for the younger angling generation?

I was told before by a good friend of mine to do what you enjoy, stick at it, don’t rise to it and soldier on ……. At the end of the day we are all out to enjoy the sport!

Getting back onto my original point, the White brothers chat really made me think about the demographic of the lure angling world. It will be interesting to see if things change – I hope so!

Just some food for thought.



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  1. There is a possibility this might even be true. There is nothing wrong with being young and enthusiastic, its to be admired…..however it can come across as being a bounty hunter. A lust for information to establish ones own position. Imagine asking an old hand Sea Trout angler for info then passing the info off in a magazine as personal experience?
    You can court the glitterati as much as you want but there is no substitute for TIME ON THE WATER!

    1. I recall seeking the advice of an old hand sea trout angler when I started out years ago and also when it came to writing some articles. He was a great help but then again, my dad always was a good mentor and teacher! As for the rest of what I have published or have written it has been based on whatever time I have spent fishing and it is my own personal opinion – not the gospel.

  2. I’m in a coarse angling club with coarse, sea and game sections. We have around 200 members and the number of juniors can be counted on one hand!! The match fishing section has an average age of around 60!! Specimen angling, which seems to attract youngsters these days mainly consists of guys in their 40s, 50s and 60s. The youngsters just don’t seem to be coming through although we try to encourage them with fish ins, reduced fees etc.
    With sea angling it seems even worse – I seldom see kids fishing off the beaches or out on the cliffs. I think with sea angling and bass fishing especially, the numbers of bass are falling. Ergo they are becoming more difficult to catch. Kids need to have success if they are to stick at it and many don’t have that success so pack up.
    Perhaps us “oldies” need to lead the way and try to improve the situation for the future – write to MPs and so on. Unfortunately we would appear to be somewhat apathetic as a group.
    The kids are not just the future of angling, they are the future of everything and need to be encouraged.

    1. Dave thanks for the input – it is good to get a range of perspectives from different disciplines and scenes.

      I think there are a whole range of factors which contribute to the lack of younger participants.

      The appreciation of nature and our surroundings is certainly something which is diminishing as generations go on. What we seem to have now is two ends of the extreme. We have our eco warriors who want everything carbon neutral and green. Then we have those who don’t care about nature or what surrounds us they are more interested on what is on t.v. etc. The middle ground is occupied by a small few who still have a healthy balance of modern life along with the realisation that our natural surroundings are stunning and that fresh air is needed!

      I don’t want to generalise though because of course there is great work being done all across the country by clubs, charities and individuals to encourage kids to get involved.

      Nice to see people read the post though and have a similar view.


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