Daiwa ’13 Certate, 3012 H



daiwaI have finally bitten the bullet and bought myself a Daiwa Certate ….. I have been looking at investing in a mag sealed reel for some time now. The more I am out and about on the coast chasing bass the more a sealed reel appeals.

Not that I am taking it to the extremes with skishing etc. but for general splash and occasional dunking it seems to make sense.



It was a toss up between the normal 3012 or the 3012 H or Hi -Speed version. At first I thought the Hi-Speed would make soft plastic fishing tricky due to the high gearing. I prefer a slow pace for working soft lures.

However, with some serious will power I think I can keep it under control …. The high gearing will come into play when winching fish up and clear of snags. This is where I hope it will start to pay off.

Either way it just begging to be taken out and used.

Spooled it up with Sunline Super Braid 5, multi – coloured line.

Just need this weather to wise up now.

2 thoughts on “Daiwa ’13 Certate, 3012 H

  1. Its been a while since you posted this. What are you thoughts on the Certate so far? I am strongly considering the certate 2510PE-H.

    1. I have been using my Certate now for all my bass fishing and some pollack fishing …. I love it. At first I wasn’t sure about the hi-speed but it just takes a little discipline to slow down when working soft plastics etc. It does pay off though when you need to get fish up and out of structure etc. The mag seal feature is very cool – allowing that little extra confidence when fishing in fizzed up weather but there is no substitute for looking after your gear etc – so far I would certainly recommend one but maybe it is still too early to give a proper opinion. I think gear needs to be properly thrashed for a season before you can find the flaws but to date I haven’t found any with the Certate except no spare spool!

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