Kicking Off The Sea Trout Season

It’s been a while since I was out on the West coast of Donegal chasing the stunning sea trout …. last year I was doing other bits and piece and the year before I was in the Channel Islands so it was pretty refreshing to dust down the gear and spend the last few weekends running about in search of early season silver.

I know from past experiences that fishing this early in the year can be challenging but also rewarding.

We aren’t chasing spawned fish (kelts) … We are looking for fish which didn’t run up river and have spent their winter on the coastline feeding.

Now you will start to see select areas holding good number of larger sand eels and this is ideally what we were looking for.

For the two weekends I managed to get out we found plenty of fish … in fact INSANE numbers of fish but they just aren’t fully switched on yet.

The reason? Not sure … I still think the water temperatures are making them lethargic but time will tell.


We witnessed some rather large fish following behind the smaller shoals which was frustrating but a joy to watch in the gin clear waters.

If nothing else being out and just watching fish cruise around is a privilege.

The order of the day was slim metal jigs … simply matching the sand eels present on the marks.


We hammered fish in a few different scenarios – In the surf, fast flowing current and some open coast bays with interspersed weed and sand … all the classic hunting grounds for these silver bars!

It has really got the mind stirring again and the sight of 4lb trout following my lures has made for a few sleepless nights!

Plans are in the making so let’s see how the season progresses!

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  1. Nice report as usual Steven, I’m heading out to an estuary Mark close to the open sea tomorrow. Got Bass on my mind although there are often sea trout present, May have to give them a try

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