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First Fish Of 2017

Well it’s taken a while waiting for a weather window but at last we managed to slip the little RIB in and take a scoot out for some January pollack over on the West coast of Ireland (Co.Donegal.)

Tides weren’t great and we opted to explore somewhere new so we weren’t really expecting much – To be honest it was just nice to get out and about.

We marked a few bits of structure on the Humminbird Helix 5 and decided to do a few drifts casting back into the structure, letting the lure fall and hopefully nail a pollack on the drop ‘OTD’!

I was using the Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 120 with 35g head in Sardine colour.

28g and 35g variants in Jelly Shad
28g and 35g variants in Jelly Shad

On the second drift I hooked up but it wasn’t fighting like a pollack … this thing was much slower, heavy head shakes and like a big dead weight.

Needless to say the hooks didn’t hold and the fish got off so I will never know … Cod? Ling?

Anyway, we set up for another drift and just as my lure came down the face of the stack I nailed a nice little pollack over 4lbs.

Pretty chuffed to hit the first fish of the season and get things under way.

It was also good to explore some new ground and open up the options for later in the year.

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