Reflections – 2016 Season

I guess it’s that time of year again to look back and assess the season past and start to plan the new one to come.

For me 2016 was a bit mixed, with quite a few long periods of not getting out as much as hoped due to weather, work and other commitments, but when I did manage to get some air it was pretty special!

Most of you will be sick of seeing these styles of posts all over social media but I wanted to share a few photos which stand out in my mind as I look back over the past year.

It’s been a pleasure to continue working with the guys at Illex who have really made me feel part of the family. I have been involved in some exciting projects which will be rolling onto the shelves in 2017 and I look forward to what the new season brings!

Same shout out to the lads at Costa (not the coffee guys) for their kind support and the crew at Total Sea Fishing for giving me the platform to share my thoughts with you all.

I have made some great new friends and fishing buds this year from all sorts of places (you know who you are) and hopefully I’ll be seeing most of them again in 2017!

Plenty of plans for 2017 … some more of the usual and a few which may just be a tad ambitious …. but that would ruin the surprise!

Happy New Year

Tight Lines

See you all in 2017!


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