Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 90

This little gem has proved to be very effective this season for both bass and pollack!

With head weights varying from 10g, 14g and 21g it is versatile and ideal for adapting to changing conditions.

The Blue Herring colour has been the most productive.

Whether it is the 21g fished sink and draw from the boat or deep water for pollack, the 14g versions trotted in current or the 10g on a linear retrieve over shallow water … they simply have nailed fish, after fish!


This bass nailed the 14g Nitro Sprat Shad when bumped down a fast current run.

There was no messing about with this one … simply slammed the lure first time around!

It’s great to have such confidence in a lure … takes one thing out of the fishing equation.

Plenty more shiny things to come for 2017 from Illex so watch this space.

Tight Lines


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