October Bassing – Storms and Silver!

A bit of a delay in getting this report up so apologies to start with!

Anyway, getting to the important stuff … the fishing.

I haven’t really been doing as much bassing this season as I would have liked but there was one set of tides I wasn’t for missing and that was the large set of springs which usually fall around the last week in September / first week in October.

My father and I had booked a few days off to head down and spend 4 days wetting some lures.

The first few sessions were pretty fruitless … well that is an understatement … complete blanks … what was going on!?

However, we put the heads down and pressed on knowing it was just a matter of time before we would connect with some fish.

One session we managed to hit it just right – the coast was alive! Big fizz, onshore winds and the bass smashing bait all over the surface – couldn’t have asked for better and the results?


We had a range of bass between 3 and 4lb and I had a real cracker around 7lb – a pristine open coast bar of silver.


We then got absolutely hammered by a huge southerly storm which completely halted all notions of fishing the coast … it simply became too rough.

So it was time to hit sheltered bays, coves and estuaries.

The hard lures went away and out came the soft lures … To be honest I feel more confident now with soft plastics than I do when plug fishing.

We had some cracking sport with bass nailing our lures and ripping off into the current.

Not massive fish but chunky and a great scrap.


The weather continued to worsen but this wasn’t for stopping us … it was pretty miserable fishing with howling 45mph+ winds but there was nothing else for it!

The trickiest thing was trying to fish in current which was flowing one direction while the wind blew in completely the opposite!

Let’s say contact wasn’t easily gained haha!

However, the bass simply smashed the lures so there was no little knocks or taps – they wanted it!


As you can see from the photos it was pretty grey and dim … Buffs up and battle on!


I have a few really good anecdotes from this trip coming up in Total Sea Fishing and a few pieces for BASS etc so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Overall it was a cracking trips with some lovely bass landed and given the horrid conditions I was pretty chuffed with our results.

We ended up with a good number of fish around 3 to 4 lb with a few nicer fish thrown in.

A 7lb for me and a bass over 8lb for my father … at a first glance the fish doesn’t look it … it wasn’t long but it had a super thick back and heavy shoulders and was solid – deceptive but it wasn’t until I lifted her up that I knew straight it was well over 7lb.


It was a privilege to watch her swim away again to fight another day – what a stunner!

Not sure if there will be another trip this season … but we shall see how the weather holds.

Never say never!

Tight Lines.


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