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New addition to the lure arsenal!

Picked up this rather tasty looking IMA SF 125 the other day.

I have a specific spot in mind for this one … It now sits proudly with a few of my other copper/gold/orange/black patterned lures which all seem to produce the goods on this particular spot.

Not sure if it is because the bass are feeding on small pollack / rockfish like gobbies or blennies etc or what the deal is, but usually I don’t get hung up too much on colour but when you see a pattern emerging as strong as this one then it isn’t to be ignored.

Tight Lines.

2 thoughts on “New addition to the lure arsenal!

  1. Lovely looking lure Steven,

    I must admit to generally using the Feed-shallow (Pollack looking Ochiayauhg number 15) for my very shallow ground Bass, especially if I think small Pollack are around – Have you tried this lure?

    Also, I’ve never used a Komono SF 125 – Are they really as lethal and as long casting as everyone says?

    Really enjoy reading the website/blog



    1. Hi Marc – Thanks for the comment. Yes I have the Ochiayu Feed Shallow and agree it is pretty lethal over kelpy ground.

      SF 125 would always go in the box with me on a session … the AYU pattern is very akin to the Ochiayu colour … gold/blacks/oranges etc.

      Certainly one to look out for!

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