Tubing some great wrasse

Tubing some wrasse!

Took a different approach to my wrasse fishing last week and tried a few ‘tube’ style lures which originated mainly on the fresh water bass scene in America. Not really sure why I hadn’t given these a crack sooner as I mainly fish with large creature baits anyway.

I had some positive results despite pretty poor conditions.

Made the most of being out though and explored some new ground and found some serious looking spots with bags of bouldery potential if the weather decides to wise up.

Standard wrassing set up consisted of my trusty Illex S 210 M (5-21g), Daiwa Freams 2500, 10g cone leads and a 4/0 heavy gauge weedless hooks.

The tube baits were¬†4″ long but seriously chunky … perfect for big pigs!

Few other ideas to try out with these lures … especially with the concepts of popped up craws using Carolina rigs but all that to come later!

Tight Lines.

2 thoughts on “Tubing some wrasse!

  1. Hi Steve,
    What braid are you using for your wrasse and bass fishing?
    I need to replace some on a spare spool .

    1. Paul I am currently using a few different brands: Illex / Daiwa and YGK. Mostly 8 strand for Bass and 4 strand for Wrasse.

      If you drop me a PM on Facebook I will sort you out.



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