First Bass of 2016

First Silver Of 2016

It is always a great feeling to nail the first bass of the season but this one really didn’t come easy!

We had been moving around a fair bit trying to find some decent looking water but with hideous east winds and rain it wasn’t what you would call a pleasant experience … haha!

The tide had just peaked and was starting to drop so we hit a rock mark close to the house we were staying in.

Conditions looked pretty pathetic to be honest, it was flat calm, the water was gin clear and it didn’t show any signs of chopping or fizzing up.

I hopped out onto my rock, which usually is a lively adventure when its fizzed up, but this time it wasn’t so dramatic.

Blasted out my plug, aiming for a rock which usually holds some fish and about half way back on the retrieve I could see the flash at my lure and I connected with the first little bar of silver of the season.

It wasn’t a big bass, in fact it was well under average size for that stretch of coast, but it was fantastic to open the account and get things going.

Despite being a miserable day and quite a bit of work all that seemed to disappear as we unhooked, photographed and released this little bass.

Like I said it wasn’t long but it was right and chunky … a little tub which gave a fairly decent account for it’s size.

Anyway, that was the official start of my 2016 bass season.


The following few days didn’t get much easier given the east winds and worsening conditions. We had decided to focus on a small stretch of coast line and really cover as much of it as possible. Given the reports afterwards it seemed we may have backed the wrong horse and been on the wrong stretch but you win some, you loose some.

That is fishing!

We ended up with a few other small bass but to be honest it was refreshing just to be out on the coast and back at it!

It was a bit of a last minute trip to correspond with the tides but things still felt a little slow on the stretches I was on. Granted, some of the lads did well on other parts but it felt like the bass were still very localised and finding the pockets of fish was the key.

Back home now and starting to have a look at a few other sets of tides …

Tight Lines,





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