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Is it normal to swim lures in a bath?

So I decided to give a few lures a swim and see what the action was like however, the sea was a bit murky and it wasn’t exactly going to be ideal for observing the lures … so the next best thing was fill a bath full of cold water! Is that normal?! Whether it is or it isn’t, it sure was a bit of fun … I am sure non fisher folk would give me some weird looks but I am quite sure there are some of you out there who have debated doing the same thing!

Anyway, here is a quick swim video of the Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 90 with the 10g head.

It is built around the articulated, weedless, shad concept with a killer rolling action and a great tail motion.

Illex have used the base principles of the legendary Nitro Shad and combined this with the versatility of a weedless minnow to make a very effective bass lure for both shore and off shore applications.

They are available in 10g, 14g and 21g heads and come in three colours: Atomic Chicken (shown in video), Green Sprat and Blue Herring.

I have already caught a good number of bass last season on the larger Nitro Sprat Shad 120 but I know straight off that the smaller 90mm variant is going to do some serious damage on the silvers this year!

To put it into perspective the Illex Nitro Sprat Shad 120 is about the same size as the Fiiish Black Minnow 140 and the Nitro Sprat Shad 90 is the same size as the Black Minnow 120.

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