resistance 2

Resistance is futile!

Meet the new addition to the Tackle House Resistance family – the Morkyn!

Length – 106 mm

Weight – 16g

The Morkyn is a slow sinking, surface glider!

resistance 1

First thoughts, it looks the perfect size for bass in calmer conditions.

I like smaller sinking pencils like these especially when wading and casting as it allows me to cover lots of water and actively seek out the fish.

I can think of one mark where this lure will come into its own where at point you need to keep the lure near the surface to avoid snags but once over the snags a slow flutter / fall will really draw the bass out from the cover.

resistance 3

It has a stubby nose and an extremely flat bottom which obviously equates with the slow sink rate.

The colour range is what you would expect from the normal Tackle House range … the usual killer sardine, mullet, ayu and candy colours etc.


I am looking forward to giving this a little water time at the start of the season when smaller is often the way forward.

Just need a rise in water temperatures and away we go!

Tight Lines,


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