Pre-Rigged / Combo Soft Lures – Thoughts?

Pre-rigged soft lures are nothing new – take the Storm Wildeye Shad for example, it has been doing the rounds and hammering fish all around the globe for decades.

Now there are several more up to date variants on the market today and with there being so much choice now of soft bodies, hooks and jig heads – I wonder how many of us still lean towards ready to go lures and if so is there a reason behind it?


  • Fiiish Black Minnow
  • Illex Nitro Sprat Shad
  • Ultimate Fishing ‘Ready To Go’ Sayori
  • Delalande Swat Shad
  • HTO Artic Eel
  • Savage Gear Sandeel

So the market is no stranger to this style of lure but I want to know how the concept fits with your ideas on fishing?

Playing devil’s advocate:

I think for the beginner or those just getting started these pre-rigged lures are a great idea – you can simply walk into a shop or buy online, tie it on and away you go – simple!

Most of these will catch you fish straight out of the box when presented properly.

It could be argued though, that these lures curb peoples imagination and will to learn and explore other options.

Perhaps it becomes a bit like ready made meals – it tends to promotes a culture of laziness and quick fix, rather than deploying some creativity and skill to create your own killer combinations.

Or maybe we are over thinking this whole thing and we should just take them for what they are – a ready to fish lure, no different than any hard plug which we simply clip on and fish with?!

In my experience I think there are a few select gems in the ready made brigade out there BUT a lot of average, run of the mill nonsense.

The ones which stand out are those which are built for very specific style of fishing and have a clearly defined purpose unlike those which try an be a jack of all trades and a master of none!

Pick ‘a’ mix?¬†

Previous posts will show I am a lover of soft lures and an even bigger sucker for jig heads! I like mixing and matching, pairing things up and experimenting in the quest for that killer combination to suit a specific scenario I have in mind.

However, do other people have that same desire within their fishing?

Or do you simply just want to catch fish?

For me lure fishing goes beyond the actual landing of fish … I like to tinker and play about with different techniques and rigs always asking questions and wondering what if …?

I wonder what percentage of lure anglers out there like creating their own lures using different brands and models and who among us are content with combos?

The season isn’t far off now!

As my season draws nearer I am struggling to hold back my excitement … It has been a considerable while since wetting a successful line in the salt.

Perhaps this eagerness is what prompts my random lure thoughts but this is one I am curious to hear your opinions on so be sure to leave a comment either hear or on social media.

Tight Lines,




One thought on “Pre-Rigged / Combo Soft Lures – Thoughts?

  1. Hi again Steve,

    I’ve only just read this post but I know exactly what you’re on about in relation to ‘ready made’ pre-rigged combinations ans some of the questions you’ve posed.

    I must say that the Fiiish Minnow and the Savage gear sand-eel have been regulars in my lure bag for a while now and they always seem to deliver in most conditions, be it fishing in calm clear conditions or rough and murky, for Bass, Wrasse or Pollack; the HTO Arctic Eel has been getting a bit of dunking lately too with some success.

    I agree that the concept of pre-rigged soft lures is ‘ready made’ much in the same way as a hard minnow lure or surface lure in that you can generally fish it straight out of the box, therefore; it does take a tiny bit of the satisfaction out of being successful – was it you or the lure most of us probably think!!??

    What I mean is that, in a similar way to you always thinking ‘what if? I think it’s nice to sometimes know (as much as reasonably possible) that its your own effort, ideas, homework, and time invested into a particular venue/mark that has enabled that Bass to be caught by you or a client.

    Also, matching the hatch so to speak is something I’m sure most of us consider; especially when you think the Bass are hunting sand-eels, gobies or pollack for example. I think its good to be flexible with soft lures in particular that in that by mixing up the paddle-tail to a cone head to cast the extra couple of yards into a known gully, or inserting a weed-less hook to a savage gear sand-eel in order to chuck it somewhere as snaggy as hell can sometimes come up trumps

    It’s always great to catch fish, but like you say – for some of us it goes beyond that!!


    Marc Cowling

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