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Daiwa RCS – Bling!



About two seasons ago I made the decision that my already pretty Certate just wasn’t pretty enough so after a little late night shopping on various Japanese tackle sites I purchased my first RCS spool … It was stunning when it arrived and now sits perfectly on my Certate 3012 Hi-Speed.

Anyway, anĀ opportunity cropped up on Facebook the other week – someone was selling this rather tasty looking 2506 RCS spool which I simply couldn’t resist. This time it was destined for my Daiwa 2500 Theory which whilst not as shiny as a Certate, is still a nice tidy little reel.


Now it looks pretty snazzy too and a lot lighter with the RCS compared to the stock spool.

Line capacity is reduced dramatically but I have simply switched down to a super low diameter 8 strand braid to get around that. To be fair though, this reel is going on the perch / sea trout set up so I don’t need massive distance.


Along with the RCS spools I also have a thing for their over sized EVA style grips – that may be next on the list for my other reels.

Some shiny stuff to brighten up an otherwise dull, wet and windy day!

Tight Lines.


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  1. Daiwa Carp reels have the best range of reels on the market. I have bought this real recently and I can’t wait to use it this weekend. The website I bought it from delivered it from was an excellent service and arrived in a couple of days.

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