The one that got away ……

Normally if a fish got off on me i would be annoyed even angry but strangely not this time! Am I mad?

We moved on out to the mouth of the Boyne River where it meets the sea and fished the turn of the tide . . . . I was using a lure which i bought and filed the diving nose off to make it fish sub surface / surface. It looks great – very jerky and irractic in movement. (Silver, Red and Black)

I cast out and began to twitch the lure back violently , about 12 foot from the shore i say the bar of silver come up and BANG – it was on …

It took line and finally I hooked a fish on my new lure rod – However the shallow, rocky ground proved to be a better match for me than I anticipated and the fish snagged me up and line went slack!

So close to landing my first Bass on a lure!

Why wasn’t I annoyed you ask? Well firstly I was glad to see I was doing something right and secondly it was an exciting few minutes whilst it was on. You can’t land them all – can you?

It looked a around 2 – 3 lb in weight – But it will swim on to fight another day!!

                 (This was the spot where I hooked the small Bass, shallow, rough and murky water)

Later on we tried bait fishing from some of the many beaches but it just was not surfy enough in my opinion to entise the fish to feed!

I left Louth with a story to tell and a fish I shall remeber!

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