Modified Shop Bought Lure

Just a quick post to show you the lure which I hooked my Bass on in Co. Louth.

I made the modification one day when i was fishing in Kerry but never really got a chance to use it again. 
I simply took a small multi-tool with a file blade and proceeded to remove the diving vein! Am I mad? Well my reasoning was to turn it into a surface / sub hybrid lure. . . . 
I gave the face a small slant which does dig into the water when fished hard. 
The action is a gentle wiggle which occasionally rolls and comes up to splash the surface – Looks great.
Pays off to experiment!!

It worked – I hooked a small Bass of somewhere between 2 and 3 lb on it – It was the one that got away!!!
Anyway, hope this is insightful and an interesting concept!

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