Fish fixation

Saturday was the first time I had managed to get out in the past 7 weeks due to various bits and pieces – the most obvious being the weather!

It had got to the stage where it didn’t really matter how but I was going to get out fishing.

Forecast looked alright despite sub zero temperatures and ice warnings across the country.

When we arrived at the lake it was already partly frozen but like I said nothing was going to stop us getting out. We set off like arctic explores breaking the ice as we nudged along in the kayaks until we hit clear water.

My girlfriend (Gina) was rigged up with an Illex Nitro Shad 150 in Golden Green colour whilst I was throwing some of the new Illex Dexter Eel 150 series around. It wasn’t long before her rod slammed over and she landed the first fish of the day – a nice chunky pike.

virago 3

After a speedy release she cast back out and literally about 5 or 6 turns of the handle she nailed another one … good going. I continued to fish away with my 150 Eels to no avail while Gina nailed another few pike.

By this stage I had already been through all the usual pike slayers but nothing was getting even a sniff.

I then hunted out a Golden Green 150 Nitro of my own and stuck it on …. a few casts later I nailed my first pike of the session. It is worth noting that I had tried other Nitro Shad 150s just in different colours but with no success.

By the end of the day it was quite clear that if you didn’t have the Golden Green colour nothing was going to pull back! Gina had completely smashed the rest of using using the Nitro Shad 150 and by the time I caught on there was no catching up!

I find it fascinating sometimes how fixated fish can become or how selective they can be when in feeding mode – but there must have been something to it!

Anyway, just some food for thought …. when you aren’t catching on your normal go to lures it is worth going through as many colours or patterns in case they simply want something else on the day!


I did manage a pike though on the new Dexter Eel 15cm in Table Rock Perch, whilst they didn’t want them on that weekend I have no doubts that these will simply slay fish in the coming months!

The new colours of Dexter Eels 15cm which will be with me on my next piking adventures!

Until next time – Tight Lines.


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