A festive Pike fish!

First of all I have to mention how great ‘Santa’ was to me. . . . . Various Lures (which will be uploaded soon) IMA lure vest and various other fishing bits and bobs. . . . .

Boxing Day Pike:

After much consideration we decided on a location and set off for our chosen pike lake. The weather was mild but very very windy. . . . I could for see problems!

We arrived shortly after 10a.m and began to fish the reedy shallow side of the lake but the wind made it impossible to fish. We moved over to the other side where we began to hook up into small jack pike around the 2-4lb mark.

Already delighted by our efforts we took a short break, re-assessed out tactics and set back to work.

Then we hooked into another two decent sized fish. . . .

 It was not long before we hooked into a big one!!!!

Using our hand painted large 180mm lures (see earlier post on blog) we chugged it along the surface slowly and ensuring we got a good rattle and BANG! Fish on!

A very plump 9+ pound pike was landed . . . . we both could not believe it . . . . what a way to spend a day!

A fantastic days fishing and what made it better was that we used a combination of old and new lures. These pike were caught on: storm chug bugs, hand painted lures, small bought minnow style plugs and I even had a few takes on wave worms, but found it hard to get the hook set.

To finish the day I hooked a small but perfect little jack . . . .

All in all a great day out! I got to try out my new Sunline Super PE #2 and new Daiwa TDX 3012 reel. also got to test out a Daiwa Calida 3000x, both lovely reels and I now know why people swear by these Daiwa reels. Also the IMA vest was fantastic. . . . more to come on it, so stay tuned. 
Merry Christmas! 

3 thoughts on “A festive Pike fish!

  1. Great write up Steven.
    For those wave worms, try using 3/0+ extra wide gape hooks. Rig them weedless and when retrieving, just wind dead slow. So slow you get bored with it. If and when you feel a fishes interest in your lure, just continue to wind in, dead slow still, until you really get to feel the weight of the fish.
    What you’re trying to do is to get the fish to hook itself thru an aggressive form of attacking the lure. If you are concerned about deep hooking the fish, try using a circle hook.
    Add a small rubber band to the hooks eye (push loop thru eye and then the rest of the band thru the loop) that is around 4/5ths or 80% the size of the gap from eye to barb. Then once the band is tied, simply “clip” the other end to the barb. This will aid in “weedlessness”. Same again, just wind in until the fish is fighting you. With a circle hook, I have yet to see or even hear of one hooking a fish anywhere but its jaws.
    Striking is not advised with either method.

    Good luck mate and I look forward to reading about further exploits.

  2. Cheers Andy, I was using a 3/0 worm hook, but i think the fish just took a little snap at it. . . . i had it hooked up texas style and slowly wound it in with the odd twitch but no luck . . . . i’m off on thursday to donegal. Might try a bit of wrasse and pollack or maybe mullet

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