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Look back over 2015

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Look back over 2015

It’s come to that time of year again where we all start to reflect on the season past and look to what the next might bring but as it stands with the proposed amendments to bass fishing policies who knows what lies ahead of us all … but that is a blog post for another day!

First off a big thanks to everyone who follows my blog, I know it wasn’t updated as frequently this season as in others but I promise that will all change for 2016 – so thanks for your continued support!

I just wanted to take a quick look back over some memorable catches, reports and a few bits of gear which stand out for me this season. I know some other blogs have done a ‘best gear’ theme so I won’t dwell on it too much.

Most of you will know I spent a good part of my year in the Channel Islands and whilst it was a really interesting place to fish I am now back in sunny old Ireland and I have to admit I missed being away from the stunning south and west coasts of Ireland … Each time I get out on the coastline and start exploring, it just blows me away how much ground there is and the fishing potential is staggering if you are prepared to get off the beaten track.

Lure Development:

Most will be aware that I have been working closely with Illex this season in terms of promotion and product development – this has been a huge pleasure to work with a brand with such a high pedigree. We have some new bits and pieces in the pipeline but for now you will see the release of a colour I have worked on in their hard plug series – this will be a sardine red belly pattern which will be available in their Bonnie (top water) Arnaud (shallow minnow) and Water Monitor (sinking pencil) series and a few others as well. Stay tuned for some other cool soft plastics coming in 2016 especially those who like fresh water predator fishing!

These will be hitting the shelves pretty soon and I will have some on my webshop as soon as they are available!

Blue Mirror Grey Lens the ideal combo for bright days on the open water

Kit I would be lost without:

It’s not until you leave for a session in a rush and leave something behind or forget to pack it that you really start to appreciate bits of kit …… Below are a few bits of gear which I would be lost without when out fishing and recording my catches.

  • Costa Del Mar Rooster, 580g, Blue Mirror
  • Overboard Bag, 20L
  • Nikon AW 1 Camera
  • Daiwa Certate 2012 Hi-Speed
  • Illex Stalking Special (5-21g), S 260 Ml Shore Blaster (5-25g) and S 270 MH Estuary (10-50g)
  • Illex Nitro Series Soft Lures (Nitro Shad, Nitro Sprat Shad, Lighting)
  • YGK Braid (X8 Upgrade + WX8)
  • LED Lenser head lamp.

Rooster Blue Mirror Grey Lens

Stand out catches:

These aren’t in any particular order or even the biggest fish of the year but just a few snaps from memorable sessions mostly due to the banter and laughs had along the way with good friends and fishing companions!

Some video clips to watch:

A few clips I put together towards the latter half of the season.




There is till some time left though this season so with a bit of luck there may be time for a few more casts … I have some cracking plans lined up for 2016 – granted some may be a bit adventurous and may never even get attempted but it’s always good to have something in your sights. I know what will happen though – I always have this massive list and only about 30% ever gets done … we will see!

What I will guarantee is more frequent updates on here and more video footage … keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram to see what I am up to!

Tight Lines.



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