Opening a new door …. LRF

After my recent trip to Wexford, and a very brief but enjoyable blast at LRF with Jay La Roche, I have decided to spend a few quid and get myself some LRF gear.

I know a lot of you will tell me to buy the best you can afford … and usually I would agree, however I’m not 100% sure it will be my thing so I am going to dabble at it with a bit of cheap and cheerful gear and then make my mind up!

I got my hands on a Ron Thompson 2-8g rod for under £30……. surely it can’t be great at that money? I lifted it up and the action actually isn’t that bad ….. its light and finish looks ok. I know it is not anywhere near the same quality as the gear used by those who are into it but it will do me untill I get some interest in it….

However the trouble starts here …… what reel? On a budget …… I have been checking out some 2500 size Daiwa reels but its just hard to know what is good value and what is useless tat!

I’ve got myself some hooks ranging from size 8 to 16 so hopefully they shall do the business …

Next step line and lures …………

The lures I am hoping I can work out myself and use some logic as to what looks good or ‘matches the hatch’ in terms of feeding etc!

The line however …… I don’t know

Anyway, anyone who is reading this and knows a thing or two, I would appreciate the comments..

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