New hooks for shallow running lures!

After much talk and debate I finally ordered myself some size 4 single ringed hooks to use on my shallow running lures.

I took the idea from Jay, who i’d seen use them on his feed shallows and they look the business……

Ordered them at 4pm Thursday – arrived 1pm Friday! Now that is fast!

Feed Shallow:

Daiwa Chugger Minnow – Poor mans Feed Shallow?

It seems to me after using both of these lures for a short period of time that there seems to be a huge price difference but not too much regards action etc …. I know what i would prefer every time – The Tackle House, but for a budget shallow running lure, the Chugger really runs nicely. Also it doesn’t break the bank if you loose it!

There is a quick glimpse of the new hooks anyway …….. Undecided yet if they are big enough.

Sure let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “New hooks for shallow running lures!

  1. Looking good, maybe slightly bigger as you say and Id turn the front hooks round so they hang down with the gape open. Give em a swim now and check the action is still ok with the difference in weight from the trebles.

  2. surely that would defeat the weedless appeal? or maybe not? i don’t know … just assumed. I am going to order some slightly bigger. Just feel after trying them they are a tad too small

    1. weedless appeal…. with a closed gape, no thanks. I would not look on singles as a way to go weedless, the idea is to not have so many hooks making a mess of thrashing fish. Turn em round…

    2. I still think they help the weedless aspect of the lure though? Surely this can’t be a bad thing? I know they will do less damage, part reason why i changed. But i don’t understand the advantage to turning them around? Surely this way they remain weedless and still have good hook ups?

  3. Unless you expect pollack, Steve. You can save yourself a hook per lure by losing the rear one. Yep, I know, I put a load of rear hooks on my lures, but having taken Keiths advice, I have taken them off as I don’t get pollack anywhere near my home waters.

    The important thing is that you are starting to see the light and that’s enough to warm the heart :)

  4. Cheers Andy – will have a look into that …. i have slightly bigger hooks on the lures now – i know we talked the other week about hooks etc but i’ll add pics soon

  5. Good idea David – I have started using Decoy 1/0 pluggin singles … seem to work well but i jsut crush the barbs on my trebbles now anyway – still a confidence thing using singles … loads to try and experiment – back down from fri – mon for a throw

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